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production variances

Our Material cost variance report precisely shows you how much excessive material cost (i.e. variance) you had incurred when, for which products and for what root cause. By the way, less material usage (negative usage variance) may also be a flashing signal, indicating that your standards require a BOM audit and update, otherwise Purchasing and Logistics may face material supply issues regularly.
This report displays precisely the root causes and values between your actuals and plan (or any other scenarios) of your material costs, all derived from fetails like components of BOMs, raw material prices, exchange rates and so much more. We know well out of experience, and for a hard fact, that this report can save you lots of hours, headaches, awkward discussions with senior management – and tons of money, of course. 

production efficiency

The Efficiency report slices and dices the utilization and efficiency of two key inputs of a production environment: Direct labor and Machines/Equipment. Tracks labor efficiency and calculates how much cost you overpaid vs. effectively worked and paid. We also make it per cost centers of course, so that different areas in Production can be traced and potentials be found easily. 

BOM changes analysis

This is a brilliant report that shows you any and all BOM (material) cost changes over time, be that due to material price changes or BOM-updates. You can use it for calculating scenarios and variations of your finished products. The report highlights any changes with eye cathcing colours so that you can spot BOM-cost changes right away.

This report can also save you lots of hours otherwise spent on massive searching. Instead, you can update BOM cost of your finished goods in seconds. Moreover, you can also simulate changes in material costs, virtually in no time and several times a day when necessary, ending struggles with Excel once and for all. 

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