Management consultancy

Our management consultancy service was born out of the current market situation, where we also share 25 years of experience with our clients. In the course of our work, we have often found that managers who come to us are not only challenged by interpreting the company’s figures and/or the lack of expected profit, but also often need “out of the box” advice.

Leadership problems you may have already encountered:

Lack of time

Every day is a firefighting day and you feel like you're barely getting on with the really important stuff.

Prioritisation problems

There are so many urgent tasks that there is often not enough time for the important ones, and it is difficult to prioritise the numerous tasks.

Delegation difficulties

You feel that tasks are only done well if you play an active part in their execution.

Staff problems

There are not enough properly trained professionals to perform each task, so a lack of expertise generates losses.

Lack of a clear strategy

Day-to-day decisions are made without a concrete business plan, so it is not clear in what direction the company is actually heading.

Bad habits

The "business as usual" syndrome - you don't change the existing system even though you know deep down that the current processes are outdated.

These are all, without exception, financially loss-making phenomena that plague the daily lives of many business leaders and that we encounter every day in our work.

Running a dynamic and growing business efficiently is not instinctive! But there is a solution, there are best practices that can be learned and implemented in the day-to-day running of your business!

Our management consultancy service has been created with decades of experience in a corporate environment for business leaders who:

  • Want to see which areas of the business need changing to maximise profit.

  • Want to set realistic goals and achieve them through concrete planning.

  • Want to spend most of their time on high value-added activities (e.g. sales, building business relationships, product development) rather than zero or low value-added tasks (e.g. data entry, email management, procurement).

  • Want to make confident decisions based on real data.

  • Want to learn about the strengths of their colleagues and use them in a way that allows them to do what is most useful for the company.

  • Would like to be at the head of a large company one day, or even to retire and enjoy the fruits of their previous efforts.

    If you feel we can help you, ask us for a 30-minute personal online consultation!

    What happens during the consultation?

    1. We will map your business in a guided discussion.
    2. We will identify areas for improvement.
    3. We will develop a preliminary strategy that you can follow to make your business more transparent, profitable and efficient, while developing your personal leadership qualities.
    The consultation fee, including the written analysis and strategic plan, is 35,000 HUF, which is automatically credited from the hourly rates when using our management consultancy service.
    Our management consultancy, charged on an hourly basis, will provide you with all the practical support you need to implement your strategic steps. We will provide you with suggestions that work well in a large corporate environment, but are tailored to your company, so that you can transform yourself from an entrepreneur experiencing day-to-day difficulties into a successful CEO.

    Take advantage of our management consultancy serviceso that:

    ✔️ You can carry out real executive duties.

    ✔️ Your daily tasks will consist of activities that create real value for the company.

    ✔️ You will learn what it’s like to make decisions with the support of a professional with over 20 years of experience as a controller at multinational companies.

    As we well know: no matter where a problem starts, in the end it all comes down to money!

    Leave it to us, we can do it!

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