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is, simply put, a management function ensuring that your business is performing up to your plans.

Enterprises that achieve impressive growth, market share and success also increase their size, complexity and therefore lose transparency.

It ensures a permanent control while also secures the most efficient usage of the resources.

It also often occurs that business decisions are made based on insufficient, false information, or when no supporting information available at all.

Controlling, always becomes an urgent matter to implement at some point, to create transparency on how your business operates, what creates value, what doesn't and what is likely to happen when management makes a certain decision.

Therefore, Controlling is also referred to as “decision support”.

Just a few examples where Controlling can be of great help to your enterprise:

genuine professional finance support needed to further strengthen your business

achieve, maintain or even further increase advance ahead of your competitors

lack of visibility of future, or management controls fail- e.g. due quick growth, etc

insufficient management time or availability to oversee operations in general

This is how we work at Control1

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Let me introduce myself

My name is Tamas Dobai, BSc in Economics founder and owner of Control1.

I’ve been working for more than two decades in the area of Controlling, across industries like FMCG, Electronics (OEM and EMS), Plastic Molding and Automotive, at the greatest multinational players.

Tamas Dobai

BSc in Economics, founder and owner

We at Control1 have it all what it takes to take your company to the next level

We gained experience at the greatest multinational players employing and harnessing latest techniques to oversee their business in full depth.

We are therefore a dynamic, responsive service provider to support your business with decades of relevant experience in world-class Controlling.

The mission which takes us forward

Due to several years’ experience in Controlling, possessing a training-coaching profile and having a core value of improving things around me, began to consider how to deploy this all to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in Hungary.

As a result, Control1 as idea was conceived in 2018, while started to operate in early 2019, demonstrating professionalism as key value.

The mission of Control1 is

to become a benchmark when it comes to Controlling for SMEs in the region. If there’s one thing you need to know of Control1, that is we have it all what it takes.

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